OpenZeppelin Contributor Souldrop

OpenZeppelin Contributor Souldrop

Get ready for the OpenZeppelin Contributor Souldrop!!

Our very first Tribz souldrop is happening soon. If you are a top contributor on the openzeppelin-contracts repository you will receive a FREE 🙌  Trib to recognise your contribution to the project.

Cool, cool…. so WTF are Tribz then?

A Trib (pl. Tribz) is a soulbound token (SBT) that captures your Proof of your ConTRIBution on a project (see what we did there?)

For more info read about them here.

What’s it gonna cost me?

Absolutely nothing. We have pre-paid the costs of minting the Trib on our side, so all the contributors need to do is to connect a wallet and claim the Trib… normally minting is $5 so you should feel very special 😵

Remind me again, how do I get whitelisted for the Souldrop?

You need to have been a code contributor to the repository. The top contributors will get the FREE Tribz. How do I know if I’m eligible…? Click on the Project page below and see if you can spot your pseudonymous contribution!

When does the Souldrop launch?

I mean, it says it in the banner… but if you prefer to see your Souldrop launch dates in the form of a giant countdown clock… head over to the project page.

How do I get a Souldrop for my repo?

Head over to this page and fill out a request.