The OpenZeppelin souldrop has closed!

The OpenZeppelin souldrop has closed!

What was the OpenZeppelin souldrop all about?

We at Tribz wanted to send some well deserved recognition to the hardworking OpenZeppelin community for their valuable contributions to the web3 ecosystem.

What better way to do that than to turn their git verified contributions into soulbound tokens (SBTs), that become a non-transferrable part of their pseudonymous digital identity and a badge of honour to display to their communities and peers. 🏅 We call them Tribz.

We’re pretty pleased that so many openzeppelin-contracts contributors claimed their gifted Trib in our recent souldrop and can now proudly display their skillsets in the form of a minty fresh token.

So… what next?

So other than bragging rights, what else can a Trib get you? Very soon your unique SBTs will act as your passport to a world of opportunity, gaining you privileged access to communities, services and assets in the web3 economy, thanks to the proven work reputation you build.

Not only that, because your Trib is a verified, attested but pseudonymous proof of contribution, it creates a record of your skillsets that you control (no more “it’s who you know…”).

Maybe you missed this souldrop, but it’s not too late

If you’re an openzeppelin-contracts contributor and missed the souldrop token gifting, don’t panic! You can still head over to the app, connect your wallet then follow these steps to claim your contribution to the OpenZeppelin repository:

1. Add Trib > Data Providers

2. Connect Github

3. Paste Repository URL

4. Claim Trib

If you’re not part of the openzeppelin-contracts project, why not 👉 request a souldrop for your repo?

Look out for more souldrops coming soon, keep claiming your Tribz to add your experience and continue to build your mightily impressive reputation. 💪