Claim the recognition you deserve.

Prove your unique skills and reputation by minting your verified contributions on-chain.

Celebrate your individual contribution - Build a trusted and verified reputation - Take ownership of your skills

Tribz prove you can do what you say you can.

Minted Tribz tokens are soulbound and so forever stay linked to your digital identity. Build your Tribz reputation and proudly show off your tokens as trusted proof of your unique contributions.

A Trib token captures key metadata including your skills and contribution level to ensure you’re fairly credited for your efforts.
Contribution claims are verified by digital signature and evidenced all the way back to the source of proof.
Tribz are pseudonymous to protect your personal profile, preventing you from becoming a cold sales or recruitment target.

Your uniqueness is your superpower.

Opportunities are waiting for someone with your skillsets and experience. When you’re ready to take them, you can put your Tribz reputation to work.

The verified attributes locked into your Tribz can open up access to privileges and put your pseudonymous profile in a rare category with other top talents and contributors. You may be in the exclusive company of...

of GitHub contributors with Solidity experience
of GitHub contributors with Go experience
of GitHub contributors with TypeScript experience

Who should claim Tribz?

Tribz can be claimed via your GitHub profile or by an attestation from a verified colleague, so any web2 or web3 work contributions can be brought on-chain. Here are just a few examples where claiming your skills could work for you...

Github Contributors

  • Set your skills apart
  • Get work opportunities
  • Gain kudos from your peers and employers

DAO/Web3 Participants

  • Build your DAO reputation
  • Gain privileged access to DAO governance
  • Get whitelisted based on your attributes

Community Contributors

  • Get rewarded for your community participation
  • Unlock special privileges
  • Gain kudos from community peers

Your Tribz reputation starts here.

Go to ‘Claim Tribz’ to find out if you’re eligible for Tribz gifted in our recent souldrops, or connect your wallet to mint your web3 contributions.

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