Give contributors the recognition they deserve.

A community is only as strong as its members, show them some ︎favorite by rewarding individual contributions on-chain.

Reward participation - Encourage wider contribution - Build a valued community

Give kudos that goes further.

Minted Tribz tokens are soulbound and so forever stay linked to the digital identity of the original owner. That means your gifted Trib becomes part of your contributors web3 reputation, which is taken with them wherever they use their wallet. So, once you’ve recognized and verified their unique skills and attributes, they can use them to unlock access and privileges in web3.

A Trib token captures key metadata including project, skills, contribution level and period to ensure contributors are fairly credited for their efforts.
Contribution claims are verified by digital signature and evidenced all the way back to the source of proof.
Tribz are pseudonymous to protect personal data and real-world profiles, preventing your contributors from becoming a cold sales or recruitment target.

Champion your contributors talents so they don’t have to.

It’s possible your contributors don’t know how good they are, or maybe they’re just too modest. Whatever their skillsets and experiences, from coding geniuses to discord super-sharers, showing you value their unique contributions brings good vibes and engaged, loyal communities.

Plus, the chance to show off the impressive range of talent associated with your project is never a bad thing... for example, your contributors may be in the rare category of top talents such as

of GitHub contributors with Solidity experience
of GitHub contributors with Go experience
of GitHub contributors with TypeScript experience

Who should gift Tribz?

Any web2 or web3 work contributions can be brought on-chain via GitHub or an attestation. Here are just a few projects that could be showing some love to their communities...

GitHub Repos

  • Reward and encourage contribution
  • Find contributors with proven desired reputation and skillsets

DAO Projects

  • Reward DAO participation (voting, proposals etc.)
  • Build non-transferrable reputations for members
  • Whitelist participants based on verified attributes

Discord Communities

  • Reward high-level community engagement
  • Offer privileges to active members
  • Launch souldrops to promote your community

Start rewarding your contributors.

Add your community or project to start gifting your Tribz tokens.

Some projects already showing the favorite